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Week of 09/25/2011

We finished up Pete Cokefair's bathroom remodel on Friday. He is very pleased with how it turned out. This week we are doing some Kitchen tile work for Steve Fife in Brick. We are also working on estimates for Thomas Giarranta for a new deck in Lavallete, A new 1/2 bathroom & full Bathroom remodel estimates for Kathy Slater in Toms River. Meeting with Joan Potts of Ocean Gate to discuss some Home Remodeling. Also will be finishing up a bid for Glen & Dianna Sofo of Seaside Park for a full house Remodel.

week of 09/19/2011

This week we are doing a bathroom remodel for Pete Cokefair right here in Toms River. Today Cabinets were ordered for Ziggy Szerlej"s Kitchen remodel. We just finished up Ziggy's full bathroom remodel and now it's Kitchen time for him and his wife Jackie. Also today went and looked at another bathroom remodel in Brick for Martha Stucke. Nice people. I think they will be calling me back very soon. Later today I am looking at a deck re-build for Thomas Giarratana in Lavellete. Nice size deck, 20X40 composite with vinyl rails.


OK my blog is going live today. I ask anyone who would like, to comment about their experiences with SeaCoast Remodeling. I will be doing weekly updates on the company talking about upcoming jobs, present jobs, and past jobs.
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