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Superstorm Sandy
Week of 11/20/2011
Week of 11/13/2011
Week of 11/07/2011


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Well it's been an extremely busy winter for us here at SeaCoast. You would think were busy just from storm related damage. NOPE. Were busy from referrals.We've been doing a lot Kitchen AND Bathroom remodeling. And all thanks to the great work we have done for customers in the past. We're getting call backs for more work and referrals to neighbors and friends. So many guys sitting home crying the blues that there is no work. DO BETTER WORK.

Superstorm Sandy

HURRICANE SANDY was a monster storm. I myself lived in North Carolina in the 90s and went thru a lot of major Hurricanes. Even though Sandy was only a Cat 1 storm, It had as much punch as Hurricane Bertha (cat 3 08/1996) and Hurricane Fran (cat 4 09/1996) that both came directly over my town of New Bern NC. The beaches there had damage of course, but NOTHING like this here at the Jersey shore. Well our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected everywhere. If you need us for anything, just call.

Week of 11/20/2011

Last week we started the full house renovation in Seaside park for Glen & Dianna Sofo. All is going well. House is totally gutted and the plumbing and electrical are all roughed in and ready for inspections. There in is the problem. We cant get plumbing & electrical inspection until Tuesday 11/29 and then framing inspection until 12/01. Not good. Has us hanging in Limbo for 2 weeks. But thats ok. This past weekend we signed contract on another Full gut 5 day Bathroom Remodel in Seaside Park for Karen Zayatz.

Week of 11/13/2011

This past week we signed contract on a 500 SF second floor deck in Lavallette to be done with AZEK. Beautiful home on the water. I also went and looked at 4 possible new clients for full gut bathroom remodeling in Toms River, Bayville, Lakewood, & Seaside Park.  This week we start the Full home remodel for Glen & Dianna Sofo in SeaSide Park. Starting tomorrow we will be in the demolition phase, taking down all wall coverings and removing walls inside. Demo stuff is always messy, yet fun in a way.

Week of 11/07/2011

Ok, We finished up Grace Browns Bathroom Remodel in Toms River in 6 days exactly as promised. The finished product turned out AWSOME. Wow what a change to her bathroom. This week we are getting everything ready to go for the start of next weeks whole house Remodel in SeaSide Park for Glen & Dianna Sofo. Will be some major changes at their shore house coming up.

Week of 10/30/2011

Not much going on last week. We worked on our float for the Toms River Halloween parade mostly. This week we are doing a full gut Bathroom Remodel in Toms River for Grace Brown. This will be a nice one to post pictures for. Entire bathroom is having everything moved around, lots of custom tilework, and a nice paint job. We are getting ready to sign contract on a nice deck remodel it Lavallette, about 500 square feet of azak decking and vinyl rails on a second story waterfront home. Will give more details after contract is signed.

week of 10/23/2011

Last week we did a Bathroom Remodel for Tom Busk. We added a 48" shower to his master 1/2 bath turning it into a full bath. Along of course fully gutting the original 1/2 bath., including a new Tile Floor. And yes, all in 5 Days.  Not much going on this upcoming week. Some well needed rest and relaxation before the super busy season kicks in. Starting next week we are doing a full gut Bathroom Remodel for Grace Brown in Toms River. This remodel will be a little more extensive than normal.

Week of 10/16/2011

This past week we finished up Lynn Goldstein's tile work in her kitchen. Pictures are on the photos page. She was happy with the finished product. Looks like a whole Kitchen Remodel was done. Also we signed contract with Grace Brown of Toms River for a full gut Bathroom Remodel. Yes another one for SeaCoast. She is calendared for the first week of November. This week we are doing a full gut Bathroom Remodel for Tom Busk in Barnegat. He has a 1/2 bath in the master bedroom. We are blowing out a wall and installing a 4' shower to make it a full Bathroom.

Week of 10/09/2011

Last week we did a Bathroom Remodel for Martha Stucke in Brick. It was done in 5 days from gut to finish as planned and the customers are very pleased with the finished product. 
We signed contract on a full house renovation for Glen & Dianna Sofo yesterday, Job is calendared to start in November. Permits will be filed this Tuesday. Will be about a 4 week job. Went and looked at another Bathroom Remodel in Toms River for David Giovanni. Put bid in on that. See where it goes. This week we are doing some Tile work for Lynn Goldstein of Manchester.


Hi Folks,
Last week we did a kitchen tile floor and tile backsplash for Steve Fife. Turned out good. Customer was happy. He is having a Bathroom Remodel / addition done and will be calling us to do the tile work. Tomorrow we start Martha Stucke's Bathroom remodeling. She is getting the Bathroom Special we have listed on our website. 5 days and done. We went and looked at another full house Remodel this past week for Suzanne Logablo. Job is for a full Kitchen Remodel and 600 SF of floor tile over top of a new Under Tile radient heating system. Also Vinyl Wainscott on all walls. Proposals were finished up for a Deck Remodel for Thomas Giarratana of Lavallette and for Glen & Dianna Sofo of Seaside Park. We should be hearing back from them soon. Also waiting to hear back from Kathy Slater for a 1/2 bath addition and full Bathroom Remodel. Been a busy week here at SeaCoast Remodeling.
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